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Magistrate Chen visits Wuqiu to inspect residents’ living environment

Magistrate Chen visits Wuqiu to inspect residents’ living environment
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / Summary Report

Wuqiu is the northernmost township of Kinmen, outside of Greater Kinmen and Lesser Kinmen. Kinmen Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai yesterday (Oct. 24th) went to the island to visit the Township Office, the Elected Representatives Office, the Garrison Brigade, and other units, chatting with island residents and listening to local needs and suggestions. He received a warm welcome from Wuqiu Township mayor Cai Yong-Fu, Township Elected Representatives chairperson Chen Sing-Ciou, secretary Lin Jhen-Sian, military representative and Police Station director Chen Bo-Li, and local folks.
The county government’s Civil Affairs Department said that Wuqiu, about 70 nautical miles from the Kinmen islands, is the smallest township in Kinmen County. The total area of Daqiu and Xiaoqiu is 1.2 km2, in which only dozens of people live. Almost every year, the county government would arrange a joint comfort mission to Wuqiu by boat to show concern for the residents on the islands.
During his trip to Wuqiu Township, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai not only attended a briefing on local affairs given by township mayor Cai Yong-Fu, but also visited the constructions on the islands as reference for the provision of assistance to Wuqiu Township. At the same time, in order to help promote the local affairs in Wuqiu Township based on others’ experience, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai invited Jinning Township mayor Chen Cheng-Yong to the islands, hoping that people from all walks of life can work together and strive for the development of Wuqiu Township.
In the course of visiting Wuqiu Township, Magistrate Chen awarded consolation money to senior citizens aged 65 or older and people with disabilities on the islands, expressing the county government’s concern for elders and underprivileged groups. Wherever he went, he was warmly welcomed by the residents. Along the way whenever he met folks, he would shake hands with them and start small talks, which made people feel gratified.
Chen said that despite the township’s geographical location away from Kinmen, Kinmen residents, especially he as the magistrate, never forgot Wuqiu Township, endeavoring to improve the living environment of the residents.
During his brief stay in Wuqiu, Magistrate Chen went to Guanyin Temple and Mazu Temple in Daqiu Village to pray for national peace and prosperity. At noon, Chen entertained Wuqiu Garrison Brigade First Company members, local folks and unit representatives at a restaurant. During the meal, Chen provided Kinmen Kaoliang wine as hospitality, encouraging people to work together for the development of the township. Besides, he presented Kaoliang wine to the Wuqiu Garrison Brigade, the Township Office, and the Township Elected Representatives, as well as a food allowance to the troops, expressing his gratitude to the Wuqiu garrison for defending the country.
In addition, due to weather constraints, Magistrate Chen and other delegates left Wuqiu yesterday afternoon for Kinmen via Taichung, ending the short visit to Wuqiu.
In 2015, on the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holidays, Magistrate Chen and County Council speaker Hong Li-Ping flew to Wuqiu Township by a helicopter from the Ministry of the Interior’s National Airborne Service Corps via Taichung to visit local folks and inspect local disaster prevention and response measures. However, due to poor weather on the day, the helicopter could not land and had to turn back. As a result, both of them cancelled the trip to Wuqiu Township.
Moreover, the Wuqiu Lighthouse is a historic site in Kinmen County. After having endured the war and been closed for more than sixty years, it finally resumed operation on July 23rd this year. As Wuqiu is a military control zone and an outlying island of offshore islands, the lighthouse has always been shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is currently pushing for the registration of the lighthouse as a fourth national historic site after the Yuwongdao Lighthouse, the Dongju Island Lighthouse, and the Dongyong Lighthouse, in the hope of sharing its beauty and history with the world.

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  • Date:2017-12-19